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There's Still Room for Improvement: Strategically Optimize Your 340B Program and Ensure Compliance

Strategic Partnerships in an Era of Value

What's Different About GE Clinical Command Centers?

Adventist Health & GE Healthcare Announce a First-of-a-Kind Performance Collaboration in the Western U.S.

Jefferson Health Reports Success 2 Years Into GE Healthcare Partnership: 6 Questions with Chief Integration Officer

GE's Unique Approach to Clinical Command Centers

Case Study: Humber River Hospital's Command Centre--Year One In Review

Your Hospital's Command Center: Decision Support Tile

Humber River Hospital Unveils New Command Centre [via CTV]

Humber River Hospital: Building a Digitally Advanced Command Centre

Humber River Hospital: Canada's First Hospital Command Center

Top 10 2019 Trends for Hospital & Health System Boards

Winning Strategies to Transform Health Care in 2019

Top Healthcare Trends for the Coming Year: Position for Digitally-Enabled Healthcare in 2019 and Beyond

Halting the Hype: Humility and Other Trends in Health Analytics

Why Your Access Strategy Demands Pricing Transparency

Why the CVS-Aetna Merger Will Disrupt Retail Pharmacy Strategy and Healthcare Delivery

GE Healthcare's Command Center Solution Recognized at Frost & Sullivan Innovation & Leadership Awards Gala

Performance Partnerships & Command Centers in the News

Bradford, GE Healthcare Announce AI-Powered Hospital Command Center, First of its Kind in Europe

CHI Franciscan Partners with GE Healthcare to Bring First AI-Powered Hospital Mission Control Center to Washington State

GE Healthcare "Command Centers" Recognized with Frost & Sullivan's 2018 Global Visionary Innovation Leadership Award

GE Healthcare to Expand OHSU Mission Control Capabilities to Support Sepsis Patient Care

Transformation at the Frontline--A Nurse’s Perspective on Enablers of Outcomes-Based PI: Value Stream Mapping

The CFO’s Role in Accelerating Systemwide Performance Improvement

Aligning Payroll Practices to Policies

Join Our Team and Change Healthcare! A Variety of Positions Now Available With GE Healthcare Partners

Vote Jeff Terry for Modern Healthcare's "100 Most Influential People in Healthcare (Supplier Category)"

Friday Fun Video: The Dream Hospital of Tomorrow (as Imagined in the 1950s)

Florida Hospital and GE Healthcare Partners to Build 'Command Center' to Guide Clinical Operations

Two Women Turn Data Into Action--Help Doctors Save a Patient's Kidney

Command Centers in the News

Tampa General Hospital and GE Healthcare Partner for Next-Level Care Coordination

Video: The Johns Hopkins Command Center Synchronizes Patient Care to Save a Life

Video: Johns Hopkins Command Center Helps Cut Down ER Wait Times

Complimentary Web Seminar: Modernizing Your Enterprise Imaging to Survive in the World of Value-Based Care

Health System Integration: Prescription for Success

The Stigma--and Support--of Standard Work in Healthcare

New White Paper Download: Budgeting to the Cyclical Nature of Patient Volumes

Command Center Executive Brief

Video: How Data Is Getting Patients the Care They Need Faster

Aligning for Outcomes, Transforming for Patients

Applying Simulation Modeling to the Hospital Environment

Command Centers in Healthcare

Are You “Operationalized” to Drive Patient-Centric Growth Strategies?

Is My OR Efficient?

OR Efficiency: It Starts With Governance

GE Healthcare and Navicent Health Enter Relationship to Target $150 Million in Savings over Six Years

5 More Keys To Successful Clinical Redesign

5 Keys To Successful Clinical Redesign

Care Coordination Best Practices: The Right Care At The Right Time

The Smart Approach To Smart Technology: 3 Tips For Implementation

New Year, New Tax Code: What the New Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Means for Healthcare

2018 Healthcare Trends: Tough Challenges, Innovative Solutions

Trends for Physician Practices in 2018

Lifespan, GE Healthcare Announce 6-Year Plan to Curb Costs by $182 Million

Humber River Hospital Breaks New Ground with the Opening of Canada’s First Hospital Command Centre

New Developments in the 340B Hospital Environment

Humber River Hospital Opening State-of-the-Art Command Center

Q&A: How Predictive Data Analytics And Proactive Recruiting Can Improve Nurse Retention

The Closet of Interesting Ideas: Where Does Innovation Reside in Your Organization?

Reducing Utility Costs: 4 Ways to Gain Buy-In From Your Hospital COO or CFO

5 Keys To Getting Value From Your Value Analysis Process

Physician Preference Cards: An OR Director’s Key To Efficiency

340B Program Omnibus Guidance: Definition Of A Qualified Patient

Battling Extreme Drug Price Increases

Control and Maintain Costs Through Non-Labor Expense Reduction

Leveraging Data Analytics To Optimize Supply Availability In The Operating Room

Taking Cost Out Of Supply Chain: Make Versus Buy

5 Tips To Cut Supply Chain Costs

Population Health Support Organizations Serve as New Infrastructures for Today's Population Health Needs

Humber River Hospital in Toronto Turns to Advanced Analytics to Improve Patient Care

GE Healthcare and Jefferson Health Launch Multi-Year Risk-Sharing Relationship

GE Healthcare Acquires Novia Strategies to Expand Clinical Consulting Capabilities

Clinical Strategies Not Producing Results? Take a Good Look at Your Operating Model

Building a Value Model for Population Health Management

Healthcare Transformation Complexities Broaden Leadership Development

Top 10 Reasons to Integrate Your Inpatient Case Management with Your Population Health Initiatives

House of Cards: Using Process Simulation Modeling As the Glue for Practice Transformation

GE Healthcare Included in Fortune Magazine's Healthcare Tech Reinventors List

3 Key Priorities in the Perioperative World

The Seven Strategic Levers of Value-Based Care

Facing Bundled Payments

New White Paper Download: Top 10 Characteristics of High-Performing Healthcare Organizations

Which Do You Prefer…Tax Preparation or a Visit to the Doctor?

What Can Clinically Integrated Networks Offer Physicians?

What Clinically Integrated Networks Offer Physicians

Measuring the Importance of the Human Side of Change

10 Characteristics of High-Performing Healthcare Organizations

Navigate the March Madness of Hospital Operations

Command Centers: Shining the Light Between the Seams

Beyond Risk Sharing: Forming Relationships Based on Outcomes

Webinar OnDemand: New Approaches to Capacity Optimization and Command Centers

GE Healthcare Included in Fast Company's "Top 10 Innovative Companies in Health"

Is Your Board Prepared for These 10 Trends?

Five Focus Areas for Medical Groups in 2017

Top 10 Trends for 2017: Twists and Turns Ahead!

2017 Brings Continued Transformation to Healthcare, Driving Innovative Approaches, Solutions, and Experiences

Top 10 Considerations for Strategic Planning in Uncertain Times

10 Do’s and Don’ts for a Smart Transaction as a Healthcare Provider

Two New Hospital Command Center Articles Highlight Increased Efficiencies in Patient Flow and Facility Operations

Infographic: 10 Things to Know About MACRA

Is Your Medical Group Performing at Peak Efficiency?

Webinar Reminder: Building an Analytics-Based Value Model to Validate Transformation Investments

5 Steps to Achieve System Integration

New Webinar: Building an Analytics-Based Value Model to Validate Transformation Investments

A View into a World without the Affordable Care Act

Last Chance for Webinar Registration: The Academic Health Center of the Future—New Approaches to Capacity Optimization and Command Centers

How to Engage Physicians in Leadership

Complimentary Webinar: The AHC of the Future—New Approaches to Capacity Optimization and Command Centers

Top 10 Considerations for an Optimal Data Science Strategy

New Download: "Stay Focused While Developing Your System Integration Plans"

Early Data Show Hospital Command Center at The Johns Hopkins Hospital is Leading to Positive Impact on Patient Care

Co-management Economic Impact Elements to Consider

Stay Focused While Developing Your System Integration Plans

MACRA Final Rule Released Revealing Changes

Is Your Care Management Program Delivering Exceptional Results?

Two New Downloads: Analytics-Based Value Model | Health System Integration

This is the MACRA Webinar You've Been Waiting For

MACRA, MIPS, and CPIA GO!: Tips for Success

Utilizing Analytics to Measure Risk and Evaluate ROI in Your Organization's Value-Based Care Initiatives

Health System Integration: You Need a Plan!

GE Healthcare Camden Group Welcomes New Senior Leaders to Team

Truth Be Told: What CMS Doesn’t Tell You About the Medicare Shared Savings Program

Cardiac Care Bundles and the Need for Post-Acute Partnerships

Anticipate Cardiac Episode Payment Models and Get a Head Start on Quality

Are You Operating Your Hospital With a ‘Hurry-Up’ Offense?

There Isn’t “A” Cure for Cancer. There Are 7.4 Billion

Don’t Blow Your Bundle Budget: Establish a Patient Engagement Workgroup

Determining ROI From Your Analytic Technology Investment

Top 10 Recommendations When Selecting an Analytics Platform For Your Healthcare Organization

GE Healthcare and Mission Health Launch First-of-a-Kind Outcomes-Based Innovation Collaboration

Digital Twins Revolutionize Strategic Planning in Healthcare

Hospitals are Not Hotels: Examining the "Discharge By Noon" Strategy

Population Health 2.0: Activate Your Strategy Through a PHSO

Demystifying Length of Stay Projects

Preparing for Episode Payment Models—Next Up: Cardiac Care Bundled Payments

Two New Infographics to Help You Understand (and Explain) MACRA

The Patient Experience Report Card: Gauge Your Readiness

Making Sense Out of MACRA and Alternative Payment Models

Top 10 Actions to Take Now to Prepare for MACRA

5 Key Questions to Ask when Building an Analytics Framework for your Healthcare Organization

Primary Care at a Crossroads

MACRA: How the New Merit-Based Incentive Payment System Will Impact Physician Practices

Top 10 Best Practices to Ensure Successful Analytics Implementations

Improving Payer, Provider Dynamics: 4 Critical Components

NASA-like Command Centers are Coming to Hospitals

New Download: Digital Health Services and Advanced Analytics

Meet the Practice: Digital Health Services and Advanced Analytics

7 Tips (and 7 seconds) to Make Your Meetings Run More Smoothly

Preparing for Value-Based Contracting? Here are 5 Key Questions for Providers to Consider

National Association of ACOs: MSSP Commitment Hinges on MACRA Advanced APM Bonus Eligibility

Facilitate Effective Change Across the Care Spectrum with CAP

The Move from Volume to Value: Now is the Time for Change

Veterans Affairs Healthcare Summit: Transitioning to Personalized Health Services for Female Veterans

Infographic: Population Health and Children's Hospitals

Three Prep Tips for Hospitals Preparing for CMS’ CJR Model

Top 10 Health IT and Analytics Considerations for Effective and Efficient Care Management

Redefine Your Practice's Care Team to Promote Patient-Centered Care

Evolving Physician Reimbursement Structures: Moving the Medical Group to Value-Based Success

A Business Plan of Operational Efficiency for a Value-Based World

Video Overview: The State of Consumer Healthcare

10 Questions That Are Often Overlooked by Health System Management Teams During a Mid-Year Checkup

Friday Fun Video: The Hospital of Tomorrow (as Imagined in the 1950s)

HFMA Forum Networking Webinar: Bundled Payment Models-- CJR and More

Super Clinically Integrated Networks: 8 Components to Consider

Initiative Governance: Is Your Team Organized to Drive Decision-Making, Make Change, and Improve Culture?

New Download: Building the Information Management and Data Governance Strategy for Value-Based Care

ACOs Present Opportunities to Promote Sustainable, Financial Alignment with Physicians

Patient Access Infographic: How Consumers View the New Front Door to Healthcare

Top 10 Opportunities for Improved Acute Care Access and Capacity Management

Shifting Away from the Status Quo: Reinventing the Primary Care Practice

9 Ways to 'Activate' Patient Engagement

5 Things to Get Right in Your Hospital Command Center

The Great Risk Shift: A Strategic Road Map for Providers

New Download: Considering the Next Generation ACO Model

MSSP and NGACO Application Windows Quickly Approaching

Webinar Now Available On Demand: The State of Consumer Healthcare--A Study of Patient Experience

The Math Behind CJR: The Top 10 Calculations You Should Be Considering

Strength In Numbers: Super Clinically Integrated Networks Built to Improve Healthcare Value

Q&A: Selecting Post-Acute Organizations for Joint Replacement Bundles

Infographic: Engaging Patients Before Their Appointments

WEBINAR―The State of Consumer Healthcare: A Study of Patient Experience

Post-Acute Care: The Original Outside-the-Box Tool for Acute Throughput Challenges

PDF Download: The New Paradigm of Patient Access

81% of Consumers are Unsatisfied with their Healthcare Experience, According to a New Study by Prophet and GE Healthcare Camden Group

Charting a Path to Health System Efficiencies Following a Merger

Planning a New Hospital or Clinic? First, Design How it Cares

10 Myths of Population Health and Clinical Transformation

Acute Care Efficiency: Moving the Needle with a Focused Approach

Should You Consider the Accountable Health Communities Model?

Facing Bundled Payments

Meet the Practice: Physician Services

Uber-izing Healthcare: Applying Nowait's Philosophy to the Patient Experience

In Command: The Rise of Command Centers in Healthcare

Moving from Utilization Management / Referral Authorizations to True Population Health Management

Clinical Integration: There Will Be Winners and Losers

7 Managed Care Trends to Watch in 2016

Driving Surgical Services and the Tertiary Growth Engine

Meet the Practice: Care Design and Delivery

Clinical Integration Via Strategic Physician Engagement: 7 Approaches

Top Predicted Healthcare Trends of 2016

Looking Ahead in 2016: Top 10 Trends in Healthcare

Content Download: The New Paradigm of Patient Access

Super Clinically Integrated Networks Offer Unique Opportunities

10 Success Factors for an Effective Bundled Payments Strategy

Patient Access Innovations: Integrating Patients Within the System of Care

CMMI Remains Bullish Regarding Timeline for CJR and Value-Based Payments (and Rightfully So!)

Are You Ready for Medicare’s Payment for Value? Do You Know Your Value Modifier Score?

Chronic Care Management Services: 5 Reasons Physicians Leave Money on the Table

GE Healthcare Acquires The Camden Group, Enabling Healthcare Organizations to Navigate Industry Transformation

5 Key Considerations for Providers Preparing for Value-Based Contracting

Clinically Integrated Networks: Control Your Own Momentum

Top 10 Pivotal Factors for Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

White Paper Download: "Building an Integrated Delivery Network? Start Here"

Mandated Bundled Payments Compel Hospitals to Rethink Post-Acute Care

Download: Maximizing Physician Satisfaction and Patient Throughput

Stimulate Patient Engagement with these 9 Ideas for 'Activation' and Empowerment

Becoming the Practice of the Future Today: 10 Steps to Transform Your Practice and Provide Individualized Care

Advanced Access: a Winning Approach for Patients, Providers, and Staff

New Download: The New Paradigm of Patient Access

Asked and Answered: Frequently Asked Questions by Physicians About Clinically Integrated Networks

The Bottom Line Impact of Hospital Readmissions

 3 Important Considerations for Funding Your Clinical Integration Project

Five Ways Medical Groups Can Prepare for Value

Top 10 Strategic Questions You May Be Too Busy to Ask (But Should Make Time for Anyway)

Engaging Physicians for Success in Value-Based Payment

Are Your Primary Care Practices at Risk?

7 Ways to Achieve Clinical Integration Through Strategic Physician Engagement

Designing a Truly Integrated Healthcare System

Mergers and Acquisitions: Key Considerations for Creating Efficiencies Through Consolidation

New Download: Building the Information Management and Data Governance Strategy for Value-Based Care

Building the Data Governance Strategy for Effective Population Health Alliances

Bundled Payments and the Breakthrough Power of Partnerships

Top 10 Ways to Prepare for the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model and the Inevitable Bundled Payment Mandate

The Bundled Payment Imperative: CMS Moves Closer to a Mandate

Case Study: Maximizing Physician Satisfaction and Patient Throughput

Thinking Payer Strategy? Think Care Delivery Networks Instead

Asset Optimization: Designing a Service Line Portfolio for Tomorrow

Top 10 Critical Success Factors for Care Model Redesign

Access is "Critical" for Hospitals, Clinically Integrated Networks

10 Key Indicators of Clinical Integration Success

Survive Today, Thrive Tomorrow: From Volume- to Value-Based Worlds

Top 10 Steps to Improve Medical Group Efficiency

New Download: Patient Payment Optimization—5 Steps for Improvement

Charting a Path to Health System Efficiencies Following a Merger

Quick Tips for Improved Patient Access

The Medicare Shared Savings Program Final Rule: What You Need to Know

10 Emerging Characteristics of High-Performing Hospitals

New Download: Clinically Integrated Networks

Optimize EHRs to Engage Patients and Providers

The Push for Hospital Pricing Transparency: How is Your Organization Responding?

Medicare Now Reimburses Physicians for Chronic Care Management

Design Your Payer Strategy to Meet Your Financial and Market Goals

What Hospitals, Health Systems, and ACOs Need to Understand about Post-Acute Care

Infographic: How an Integrated Skilled Nursing Facility Network Supports Accountable Care

Mergers & Acquisitions: An Opportunity to Align Charges Across a System

Remind Me Again...What's the Difference Between an ACO and a PCMH?

Population Health Alliances: The Value of True Care Redesign

What’s Up with Meaningful Use?

Disruptive Change = Strategic Opportunity

New White Paper: "Building an Integrated Delivery Network?"

Quality Outcome Achievement and the Impacts to Care Delivery

New Download: Medical Practice Workflow Redesign

Three Keys to Improved Medical Practice Workflow Redesign

Are You Considering the Medicare Shared Savings Program?

Hospital Readmissions Reduction Strategies: The Impact of the Hospitalist

Understanding the Risks and Benefits of Medicare ACO Models

Population Health Alliances: Rethinking the Business Model

Patient Access is the New Quality

New White Paper Download: What is Your Plan for Avoiding Readmissions?

Moving from Volume to Value: The Time for Change is at Hand

Clinically Integrated Networks: You Can’t Stop Change, But You Can Control Your Momentum

Value-Based Purchasing in 2015: Bonuses Up / Penalties Down

The Top 10 ACOs Ranked By Earned Payments

Infographic: Is Meaningful Use Helping or Hurting EHR Adoption?

CMS Releases New Proposal to Improve Accountable Care Organizations

On to the Next Initiative: Transforming Clinical Practices

New EHR Attestation Deadline for Eligible Hospitals: 12/31/14

Infographic: Trends in Healthcare Payments

Medicaid Reform: Are You Ready?

Mishka Glaser, Managing Associate, Joins the Health Directions Team

Summary of Care Meaningful Use Requirements in Stage 2

ACO Survey Findings and Comments on Quality Benchmark Rule

More EHR Audits Planned for 2015

Free Suburban Chicago Breakfast Seminar: Intellectual Property--Issues for Physicians & Medical Practices

Study: Medical Costs up to 20% Higher with Hospital-Owned Physician Groups

Hospitals: EHR Deadlines Approaching for 2014 Reporting

CVC: A Key Metric for Managing the Physician Practice Revenue Cycle

Straight From MGMA 2014: Are You Ready for Revenue Cycle 2.0?

Funding Your Clinical Integration Project: 3 Important Considerations

MSSP Year 1 Results – New Surprises or Business as Usual?

Live from MGMA 2014: Are You Ready for Revenue Cycle 2.0?

Infographic: 7 Cities With Highest Hospital Readmission Rates

CMS Launches New ACO Innovation Model Targeting Underserved Areas

Survey: Many Unaware How Ebola Is Spread

Complimentary Webcast on 10/16: Revenue Cycle Strategies In the New Healthcare

New Download: Denial Management Through Process Improvement

Hardship Exception Applications to Avoid the 2015 Medicare Payment Adjustment Due 11/30/14

FREE CMS Webinar on CEHRT for Small Practices

Infographic: Utilizing the Cloud to Meet Healthcare Reform Mandates

Sixty-Four ACOs Save Enough Money To Earn Bonuses

Six Upsides to System Executives Embracing Clinical Integration

Four More Hospital Systems Exit Pioneer ACO Program

Infographic: Physician Adoption of Health IT

CMS Releases New and Updated FAQs for the EHR Incentive Programs

5 Tips to Maximize Financial Performance in Owned Physician Practices

Infographic: What Factors Drive Physician Employment?

Download: Improving the Physician Revenue Cycle Through KPIs

Health IT News: EMR Overhaul, Meaningful Use Reporting, & Patient EMR Access

Quick Survey: Participation in a Clinically Integrated Network

October 3 is Last Day for 1st-year Medicare EPs to Begin a 2014 Reporting Period

The Next Wave of CI: Regional Clinically Integrated Networks

Infographic: The Transformation of Healthcare IT

New Download: Population Health Management--What Does It Mean To Your Practice?

Healthcare Reform: The Impact on the Medical Practice Today and in the Future

Learn More about Patient Electronic Access Requirements

CMS Releases Final Rule for Participants in EHR Incentive Programs

The Survey Results Are In: "Walmart as a Primary Care Provider"

9 Ways to Stimulate Patient Engagement Via 'Activation' & Empowerment

New CMS FAQs for the EHR Incentive Program Now Available

Two-Question Survey: Walmart Launches Primary Care Clinics

Today's Patient-Centered Medical Home Care Team

HD Download: Top Questions From Physicians About Clinical Integration

Infographic: State of Emergency--Overcrowding in the ER

Coordinating Care Across the Continuum

Hospitals Seek To Help Consumers With Obamacare Premiums

5 Proven Tips to Improve Provider Credentialing

New Infographic Examines Physicians’ Salaries in 2014

Infographic: A Look at the Emerging Nashville EHR Market

HD Download: Utilizing Clinical Integration to Align Physicians & Increase Market Share

Clinical Integration: A "3rd Way" for Hospital-Physician Collaboration

Expert Panel Recommends Sweeping Changes To Doctor Training System

14 (More) Managed Care Contracting Do's & Don'ts (Part 2 of 2)

14 Managed Care Contracting Do's & Don'ts (Part 1 of 2)

Building the Four Pillars of Clinically Integrated Care

Review Your 2014 PQRS Interim Claims Feedback Data

Use a Collaborative to Build a Clinically Integrated Culture

Five Reasons for Providers to Embrace Social Media

Ten Key Governance Best Practices for Your ACO or CI Program

A Profile of Physicians' Practice Environments & Ownership Status

What’s In It for Me? Six Compelling Reasons for Systems to Clinically Integrate

Infographic: Timeline & Evolution of Healthcare From 1990s to Today

New Download: The Data Infrastructure to Deliver Accountable Care

Infographic: A History of Healthcare Informatics

CMS Proposes Changes For ACOs in 2015; Including Quality Benchmarks

CHIME Weighs in on Proposed Meaningful Use Changes in 2014

Six Strategies to Improve Primary Care Access

EHR Incentive Program Hardship Exception Applications Due July 1

Infographic: Electronic Health Records & the Data of Health Care

Health Directions Profiled at HFMA's ANI 2014 Conference

Six Clinical Integration Articles Available as PDF Downloads

Health Directions Presenting Two Sessions at HFMA ANI '14

10 Things to Know About Patient-Centered Medical Homes in 2014

ACO News: Southern California ACO Saves $4.7 Million in Six Months

Infographic: The State of Hospital Readmissions

Infographic: Accountable Care Organizations & How Patients Benefit

Translating Five Accountable Care Goals Into IT Action

Free Suburban Chicago Breakfast Seminar: Audit Your Practice with Effective Financial Internal Controls

Infographic: Is Meaningful Use Helping or Hurting EHR Adoption?

7 Steps to Achieving Clinical Integration Via Physician Engagement

Infographic: The Game of ACO

Who Benefits from Clinically Integrated Care?

Visualizing Health Policy: Public Opinion At The End of the First Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment Period

CMS Proposes Major CEHRT Revision for 2014 Meaningful Use

Make Your Website Profitable & Compliant with Meaningful Use

EHR Incentive Program Penalties Visualized

New Download: Engaging Physicians In a Clinical Integration Program

Health Directions Recruiting For a Healthcare Data Analyst

10 Attainable Benefits of Clinical Integration

12 Trends on the ACO Frontier

Population Health Dinner Event for Chicago-Area Independent Practices

Deadline Nears for 2015 MSSP ACO Participation

HIMSS: Revenue Cycle, Financial Modeling Draw Hospital Interest

People with Chronic Conditions Value Access to Personal Health Data

Infographic: Physician Compensation Stats Visualized

CMS Subtly Sets Oct. 1, 2015 Conversion Date for ICD-10

Population Health Management Market to Reach $40.6 Billion by 2018

NCQA: Health IT Can Be Tapped To Support Patient Engagement

HealthIT Infographic: Inside the Mind of the Healthcare CEO

2014 Physician Compensation Report Lists Orthopedics as Top Paid Docs

Meaningful Use Hardship Exception Applications Due July 1, 2014

2015 MSSP ACO: To Play or Not to Play

Free Suburban Chicago Breakfast Seminar: Malpractice Liability & Your Independent Practice

Don’t Miss the Chance to Earn EHR Incentive Payments

KLAS Report: eClinicalWorks Named Most Used Across ACO Functional Categories for Population Health Management

Complimentary Webinar Tomorrow (4/11): The Building Blocks of Clinical Integration: Vision, Structure, and Information

What Consumers Can Learn From Medicare Payment Data

New Download: An Overview of the Medicare Shared Savings Program

New & Updated FAQs for the EHR Incentive Programs

Turning Referral Leakage into Patient "Keepage"

ICD-10 Delay Approved By Senate; Deadline Moved to 10/1/2015

Security Risk Assessment Tool Helps Providers Ensure HIPAA Compliance

Senate to Vote Monday on ICD-10 Delay

The Clock's Ticking: Last Reminder to Attest for Medicare EHR Incentive Program to Receive 2013 Incentive Payment

Study: Patient Centered Medical Homes Cut Costs for High-Risk Patients

BREAKING: House Bill Would Delay ICD-10 Deadline Until at Least 2015

Funding Clinical Integration: 3 Essential Questions to Ask

New Download: FAQs By Physicians About Clinical Integration

Infographic: How to Reduce Referral Leakage in Health Care

Medicare Eligible Hospitals: Take Action by April 1 to Avoid 2015 Payment Adjustment

New Report Lists Physician Pros and Cons of Hospital Employment

New Download: Meaningful Use In 2014--Changes to Stage 1 & Challenges for Stage 2

Last Reminder for Webinar Registration: Clinical Integration 2.0: Second Generation Physician Engagement Techniques

Infographic: 9 Measures of ACO Success

Just Published: Using Business Intelligence to Reduce the Cost of Care

REMINDER: Medicare EPs Must Attest by March 31 at 11:59 pm ET to Receive 2013 Incentive

Webinar Registration Open for Clinical Integration 2.0: Second Generation Physician Engagement Techniques

New Download: Utilizing Clinical Integration to Align Physicians & Increase Market Share

What CMS is Saying About Stage 2 Meaningful Use at HIMSS14

Let's Kick Off HIMSS Week With a Health IT Social Media Infographic

Six Clinical Integration Articles Now Available as PDF Downloads

Free Practice Management Breakfast Seminar for Independent Physicians & Staff: February 20th | Suburban Chicago

Infographic: 7 Reasons to Engage Patients Before Their Appointments

Black Book Names Allscripts Top HIE Vendor in User Satisfaction Survey

5 Keys for Hitting the Healthcare IT Triple Aim

Breaking News: CMS Extends EHR Incentive Program Deadline for 2013 Reporting Year

CMS Reiterates: ACOs Designed for Multi-Year Savings

New Download: Optimizing Your EMR & Engaging Your Patients

ACOs Saving Some Money, But Medicare Is Short On Details

Top 10 Measures of ACO Success

Medicare EPs Must Attest by February 28 to Receive 2013 Incentive

Free Webinar: Implementing Quality-Based Programs in a Medical Practice

The EHR Incentive Program: A Bonus for Meaningful Use

Asked & Answered: 3 Questions About Funding Clinical Integration

EHR Payments Edge Close to $20B

New Study: EHR Incentive Program Continues Steady Growth

Physician Employment Continues to Grow | Up 33% Since 2000

Infographic: The 52,000 Physician Shortfall

Free EHR Breakfast Seminar for Independent Physicians & Staff: Jan. 23rd | Suburban Chicago

Infographic: Physician Alignment & Clinical Integration in Community Hospitals

Quick Illustrated Video Differentiating EHR from EMR

EMR vs. EHR – What is the Difference?

Health Directions Now Hiring: Managing Associate, Population Health

Report: Hospital ACO Participation Projected to Double in 2014

4 Solid Reasons Hospitals Must Pursue Clinical Integration in 2014

What is a Patient Centered Medical Home and What are the Benefits?

New Rules Extend EHR Safe Harbor to 2021

Infographic: Big Data is Healthcare’s Biggest Threat (And Likely Savior)

Will EHR Switching Continue in 2014?

Health Directions Now Hiring: Data Analyst for Austin, TX Office

Infographic: Top Public Health Risks (with Smoking & Obesity Stats)

Industry Stakeholders Weigh in on Adjusted Meaningful Use Timeline

CMS Proposes Adjusting Meaningful Use Timeline

The Franchise Model: An Emerging Strategy for Clinical Integration

Discount Available for HFMA's Chicago Seminar Featuring Health Directions

Health Directions Now Hiring: Managing Associate

The Next Wave of CI: Regional Clinically Integrated Networks

Won't You Be My Neighbor? A Look at Medical Home Neighborhoods

Free Chicagoland Seminar: Internal Controls--The “Must Haves” For Your Practice

ONC: Meaningful Use Stage 2 Changes Unlikely

Clinical Integration: A "Third Way" for Hospital-Physician Collaboration

New Download: Delivering Excellent Patient Service

Infographic: 12 Trends on the ACO Frontier for 2014

Patient Activation: 9 Quick Tips that Promote Patient Engagement

Infographic: Can the EHR Save Private Practice?

Making Patient Experience a Priority [INFOGRAPHIC]

5 Incentives for Enlisting Physicians into a Clinical Integration Program

Complimentary Breakfast Seminar (Chicagoland Area): The Social Business Of Healthcare

Study Says 84% of US Consumers Want EHR Access (With Infographic)

7 Tips for Partnering with Physicians to Achieve Clinical Integration

Infographic: U.S. Healthcare vs. the Rest of the World

Stage 2 Guide for the EHR Incentive Programs Now Available

New Survey: Providers Must Educate Patients on Digital Med Records

New Download: How to Survive & Thrive as an Independent Practice

Where Are the Specialists In the ACO?

For EHR Incentives, Begin Reporting by October 1st

17 U.S. Senators Ask HHS to Extend Stage 2 Meaningful Use

Complimentary Live Seminar (Chicagoland Area): ACOs...Ready or Not

6 Things to Know about Meaningful Use and EHR Certification in 2014

Infographic: Doctors Go Digital: EHR Adoption & e-Prescribing

How to Participate in the 2013 PQRS-Medicare EHR Incentive Pilot

CMS to Recoup All Meaningful Use Dollars if Audits Find Errors

Translating Accountable Care Goals Into IT Action

Study Suggests Use of EHR System Slows the Rise of Healthcare Costs

Family Physicians Top the 20 Most-Recruited Physician Specialties

Policy Committee OKs Recommendations for HIT Regulation

Infographic Introduces New Players on a Value-Based Healthcare Team

New Download: Improving the Physician Revenue Cycle Through KPIs

Addressing the Human Factors Behind Hospital Readmissions

Ten Benefits Resulting from Clinical Integration

Why ACOs Must Capture Clinical Data to Truly Drive Care Improvement

MGMA Urges Hold on Meaningful Use Penalties

The FAQ on ACO: Accountable Care Organizations, Explained

Why Electronic Health Records are Not (Yet) Disruptive

Infographic: Telehealth Powers Population Health Management

Complimentary Download: ACO...Ready or Not?

Infographic: The Intersection of Healthcare & IT

ACO Tools To Keep Patients Out Of The Hospital

New Study: Big Data Targets Population Health, Revenue Cycles

The Path to Clinical Integration: The Four Pillars Strategy

Infographic: Highlights of Medscape's Physician Compensation Report

Infographic: Realizing the Value of Health IT

Download: Transitioning Employed Physicians--Maximizing Financial Performance

PCMH Program Yields $155 Million in Avoided Costs

10 Fastest Growing Cities For Concierge Medicine

New Download: EHR Incentive Program & Stage 2 Meaningful Use Overview

[Infographic] Defining the Dually Eligible: 16 Essentials for Population Health Management

Leaving Money on the Table? Take Advantage of PQRS & eRX Incentives

Important Deadlines Approaching for Meaningful Use Program

100% of Pioneer ACOs Improved Patient Quality; 56% Lowered Costs

Infographic: ACO and PCMH Tools for Success

Ignoring Social Media Trends May Be Harmful for Hospitals

The Top 10 Most Popular EHR Systems for Small Practices (1-3 Docs)

EHR Meaningful Use Dropout Rate Among Family Docs Hit 21% in 2012

Several ACOs Still Weighing a Switch to Another Payment Model

Study Shows Growth of Primary Care Provider Pay Tied to Quality

Employers Get Extra Year To Implement Affordable Care Act Coverage

ONC to Congress: EHR Adoption, Meaningful Use Rising Steadily

Want to Avoid Meaningful Use Penalties in 2015? Attest Now

New Presentation Download: Accountable Care & Risk-Based Contracting

HD to Present on ACO Risk-Based Contracting at HFMA ANI2013

Are Family Physicians More Vulnerable to Threat of a Disability?

Infographic: Federal Health IT Activity

Advocate for Physician-Led ACOs Shares Secret of Success

Early Signs That ACOs Are Boosting Care, Saving Money

Examples of How Physicians Benefit from a Social Media Strategy

Study Cites EHR Meaningful Use Challenges; Praises Adoption Progress

William K. Faber, MD Joins Health Directions as Chief Medical Officer

Report Shows Impact of ACA on Health Plan and Healthcare Providers

5 Strategies that Address the Human Factors Behind Readmissions

Infographic: Physicians Cite Challenges to Practice Profitability

New Studies Explore How EHR Use Influences Physician Behavior

Medicare Eligible Providers: How to Avoid Payment Adjustments

Analytics in Healthcare: The Nervous System of IT-Enabled Care

What You Need to Know to Avoid the eRx Payment Adjustment

Why it Makes Sense to Adopt the PCMH Model in 2013

AMA Board Chair: HHS Should Address EHR Usability Issues Immediately

New Report: Data Analytics Crucial for Population Health, ACOs

Hitting the "Triple Aim" by Classifying Patient Populations

New Study Suggests EHR Use Among Docs 60 and Older Below 30%

Launching Your Clinical Integration Program: 10 Defined Benefits

Health Directions Welcomes Marty Manning as EVP; Will Lead Clinical Integration Initiatives

Medical Homes Set to Help Patients with Chronic Conditions Under ACA

Primary Care Physicians Flex Their Earning Muscles

So...What Exactly is the Difference Between a PCMH and an ACO?

Timing of Quality Reporting Alignment at CMS

Boston Children’s Hospital Creates ‘Living’ Practice Guidelines

Infographic: Population Health Management Reduces Risk and Spending

Vanderbilt University Launches Health Information Software Challenge

New Study: Analytics for Managing Population Health Tops ACO Priority

Practical Questions for Evaluating Employed Physician Practices

Live from Memphis: Clinical Integration, ACO, & Physician Employment

10 Reasons Your Organization Needs a Clinical Integration Strategy

Infographic: A Look at America's Health Disadvantage & Morbidity Gap

Joining Forces with Physicians to Achieve Clinical Integration

EHR Audits & Medicare Enrollment: The Latest Provider Update from CMS

Strategic Provider Planning: Map Your Medical Staff Development Plan

7 Simple Tips for Marketing Your Medical Practice

Strategic Physician Onboarding: 7 Tactics for Minimizing Losses on Employed Medical Practices

Strategic Provider Planning: 3 Steps to Medical Staff Segmentation

New Article Urges Stratifying Populations to Avoid "Triple Fail"

Infographic: Patient Data Flow in an Accountable Care Model

Two New Rules Provide Momentum for Electronic Medical Records

Deadlines Set for 2014 Cycle of Prospective ACOs

Infographic: Where Does the Healthcare Money Go?

Infographic: Stay out of the Penalty Box & Avoid Reimbursement Cuts

Implications of ACO & Clinical Integration on Provider Planning

Studies Find Patients with PHR Access are More Satisfied & Engaged

Hospitals Brace for Sizable Medicare Cuts From Sequestration

Hospitals Continue to Acquire Physician Practices as FTC Looks On

Utilizing Clinical Integration to Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Two Calls Scheduled to Explain ACO Application Process for 2014 Start

Infographic: Population Health Management by the Numbers

Avoid Physician Backlash: 7 Tips for a Successful EHR Rollout

Ten Direct Benefits of Clinically Integrated Care

Free Webinar to Ease Anxiety About Meaningful Use Stage 2

Study: Americans Still Don’t Understand Affordable Care Health Law

Centralize Provider Credentialing to Create Staffing Efficiencies

Health Directions Hiring: Population Health Consultant | Data Analyst

Adopting ACO Change: Turning Quality Measures into Clinical Processes

CMS Reports that EHR Incentive Payments Top $12 billion

9 Tech Building Blocks for a CIO's Accountable Care System

Five Functional Requirements CIOs Need to Support Accountable Care

3 Drivers of Accountable Care that Challenge CIOs to Re-Think Health IT

Sequester Cuts to Hit EHR Meaningful Use Incentive Program April 1

Clinical Integration to Align Physicians & Increase Market Share

Demystifying Clinical Integration

Family Physicians & Clinical Integration: The Case for Involvement

Hospital Execs & Sequestration: "We Must Deal With Medicare"

Join the Clinical Integration Conversation at HIMSS 2013

Infographic: HIMSSanity--A Look Inside the 2013 HIMSS Conference

Now Hiring: Population Health Consultant for Chicago Office

Mapping Your Medical Staff Development: Keys to Success

Build a Field-Tested Diabetic Management Program

How are Meaningful Use Incentive Payments Spent?

Survey Says: Year of the Great EHR Vendor Switch is Underway

Video: Henry Kaiser's Hospital of Tomorrow (as imagined in the 1950s)

4 Pillars of Clinical Integration: A Flexible Model for Collaboration

Boston Children's Study Uses Bi-Directional Social Media Approach

Infographic: What Forces are Driving Physician Employment?

60 ACOs Launch National Association of Accountable Care Organizations

eClinicalWorks to Spend $25M on Patient Engagement, Including New App

AHRQ & CMS Announce New EHR Format for Pediatrics

Meaningful Use Grants Still Available for Illinois Health Providers

Healthcare Spending In America: Two Graphs to Show the Money Flow

Survey: 66% of U.S. Primary Care Physicians Using an EHR

7 Ways to Improve Patient Engagement in the Age of the EHR

Hospitalists Claim Workload Exceeds Safe Levels

Big Hospitals to Be Biggest Losers of Federal Medicare $$

Meaningful Use Audits to Ask for More Documentation

JAMA: Coordinated Care Leads to 6% Decrease in Hospitalization Rate

8 Steps to Connecting Patients for Stage 2 Meaningful Use

Stage 1 Meaningful Use Changes Now in Effect

200 C-Suite Hospital Execs Weigh in on HIE

ONC Announces Winning EHR (Re)Designs

7 Time-Efficient Techniques for Marketing Your Medical Practice

EHR Adoption Among Family Physicians Could Exceed 80% in 2013

Over 5,000 Dentists Attest to EHR Meaningful Use; Collect over $95M

Infographic: The Rising Use of Social Media in Healthcare

Study: Most Medicare Docs Set to Face PQRS Performance Penalties

Hospitals & Physicians Join Forces to Achieve Clinical Integration

VIDEO: A Passionate Case for Coordinated Care--A Wife's Story

7 Tactics for Minimizing Losses on Employed Medical Practices

Report: EHR Vendor Dissatisfaction Looms Large in Community Hospitals

Congressional Accord Preserves Medicare Doctor Pay

"Doc Fix" in Senate Plan Cuts Medicare Hospital Payments

CMS Pays over $900 Million in November Meaningful Use Incentives

Deadline Approaching for 2012 EHR Incentive Reporting Year

Defining a Patient-Centered Medical Home

New Study: 68% of Surgeons Now Choosing Employment

Health Directions Hiring Data Analyst for Austin, TX Office

Health IT Policy Committee Seeking Public Comment on Stage 3 MU

8 Issues Affecting Population Health Management Right Now

New Study Says Primary Care Docs Meet Diabetics' Needs

6 Population Types Benefiting from Clinical Integration

EHR Infographic: Where We Are & Where We're Headed

The Fiscal Cliff: 6 Questions About its Impact on Medicare & Medicaid

Technology Spending and Accountable Care

38% of Surveyed Docs Say They are Unhappy with Current EMR

5 Questions with an Employed Physician: Keys for Onboarding Success

The 4 Pillars of Clinical Integration: A Model for Collaboration

Top 9 Physician Recruitment Perks Offered (Other Than Salary)

Aging Populations Mean Big Opportunities in Healthcare IT

Report: ACOs Now Serve 31 Million Patients Nationally

Health Directions Teams Up with CHEF to Mentor Future Leaders

Map of 2012 Medicare Accountable Care Organizations

The NFL Enters the EHR Mix Citing Improved Care Coordination

Infographic: 10 Benefits of Health IT

Infographic: A View of the U.S. Healthcare System

AMA Develops Guidelines for Physicians Entering Hospital Employment

Climbing Aboard a Comprehensive Diabetic Management Pilot Program

Stage 2 Update: Understanding Meaningful Use Program Requirements

EHR incentives to exceed $8 billion in Oct. 2012

CMS Releases 2014 Meaningful Use Quick Reference Grids

36 Social Media Rules to Live By When Marketing Your Medical Practice

Questions to Ask Before Sending Your EHR Off to the Graveyard

6 Steps to a Better Physician Practice Acquisition Strategy

Epic Systems Leads EHR Physician Market with 22% Market Share

Meaningful Use Incentive Payments Reach $2.6 Billion

CMS Releases Corrections for Stage 2 Meaningful Use Final Rule

Infographic: Using HealthIT More Effectively

More Wyoming Doctors Opting for Physician Employment Model

4 Keys to Running a High-Performing Medical Practice

Study: Docs Using an EHR Provide Higher Quality Healthcare

Infographic: Accountable Care Organizations

Revenue Cycles of Employed Physician Practices: Questions to Ask

Q&A with James Valek, MD: Keys for Successful Physician Onboarding

10 Benefits of Clinically Integrated Care

Checking In on the ACO: How is it Evolving?

Meaningful Use Fraud: HHS, DoJ Issue Warnings

Meaningful Use: An Illustrated Infographic

Electronic Health Records in 1964: We've Come a Long Way!

New ACOs Rapidly Acquiring Data Solutions

Demystifying Clinical Integration

Top 25 Diagnoses for Pioneer ACOs

What is the Difference Between a Medical Home and an ACO?

EHR Meaningful Use Incentive Payments Near $7 Billion

Employed Physicians Stabilize Hospital Finances

Survey: More Than 1 out of 5 Physicians in Talks With ACOs

3 Success Factors for an Effective Physician Acquisition Strategy

Top 10 Challenges Facing Medical Practice Group Leaders

Reducing Long-Term Care Readmissions Via Clinical Integration

Best Practices Guide for Designing Accountable Care Financial Systems

CMS Publishes Final Rule for Stage 2 of Meaningful Use

Mapping Your Medical Staff Development Plan

The Hospital of the Future (from a 1950s Perspective)

What You Need to Know About the CMS Meaningful Use Audits

33% of U.S. Physicians Plan for Hospital Employment within 10 Years

Affordable Care Act: Beyond the Initial Reactions

Two Tools for Keeping Employed Physicians Informed and Involved

How Centralized Provider Credentialing Creates Staffing Efficiencies

9 Tech Building Blocks for a CIO's Accountable Care System

5 Functional Requirements CIOs Need to Support Accountable Care

3 Drivers of Accountable Care that Challenge CIOs to Re-Think H.I.T.

7 Tips for Marketing Your Medical Practice

Family Physicians & Clinical Integration: The Case for Involvement

Translating ACO Quality Measures into Clinical Processes

A Provider's Story: Achieving EHR Meaningful Use--A Team Effort

5 Stages of Successful EHR Implementation

5 Steps for Targeting Healthcare IT Triple Aim

Avoiding Physician Backlash: 7 Tips Toward a Successful EHR Rollout

Part II: Reactions to Supreme Court's Affordable Care Act Decision

Early Reactions to Supreme Court's Affordable Care Act Decision

Building Financial Success for Owned Physician Practices

Healthcare Consulting Firm Health Directions Heads to HFMA ANI 2012

5 Simple Changes to Impact your Medical Practice's Patient Experience

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