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HealthIT Infographic: Inside the Mind of the Healthcare CEO

Posted by Matthew Smith on Apr 25, 2014 9:47:00 AM

Infographic, Health DirectionsTechnological Progression in Healthcare today is a desire, but not always an outcome according to the 17th Annual Global CEO survey from PWC of 81 healthcare CEOs. 

The vast majority (86%) of healthcare CEOs believe technology will fundamentally transform their business within the next five years. However, a large majority also feel unprepared for the coming change, according to a 

CEOs have plans to adapt to the changes: 89% plan to improve their organization's ability to innovate, 93% plan to change their organization's technology investments and 95% are investigating new ways to use big data.

However, few of these plans have been realized. Just 25% have started or completed changes to make their organizations more innovative, 33% have altered their technology investments, and 36% have made progress in dealing with big data.

This has caused 57% of respondents to confess to feeling worried about the speed of technological change within the industry. Almost half (41%) feel their IT departments are unprepared, 31% believe their research and development arms to be unprepared and 63% are concerned they will be unable to find additional staffers with the right skills to help them best capitalize on technology-based opportunities.

Infographic, HealthIT, HIT

 This infographic was created by ICE Technologies, Inc., a health care IT service firm, focused on optimizing IT operational effectiveness for community hospitals. 

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