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Infographic: State of Emergency--Overcrowding in the ER

Posted by Matthew Smith on Aug 20, 2014 1:51:00 PM

Infographic, Health Directions, HD Insights Blog, When the ACA was enacted, ER visits were expected to decrease. Instead, the inverse is happening. What happens when an ER is faced with more patients than it can accommodate? Between 1995 and 2010, annual ER visits in the U.S. grew by 34%, while the number of hospitals with ERs declined by 11%. From long wait times to sky-high medical costs, overcrowding puts undue pressure on patients, providers and administrators when efficient, high-quality care matters most.

The Miken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University created this infographic to show the impact of overcrowding on U.S. emergency rooms. The graphic looks at some of the major causes of congested ERs, examines the impact on care delivery and explores proposed solutions to the problem of overcrowding. 

The infographic highlights crucial areas for administrators, communicators, and physicians, nurses, and other ER staff:

  • The increase (national averages) in wait times for ER patients, broken down by urban/rural locations and other factors.

  • Boarding and ambulance diversion statistics.

  • Case urgency percentages.

  • Risks and costs of overcrowding, including uncompensated care figures.


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