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Study Says 84% of US Consumers Want EHR Access (With Infographic)

Posted by Matthew Smith on Oct 14, 2013 11:05:00 AM

EMR, EHR, Tablet, Patient RecordsAccording to a recent Accenture survey, 84% of US consumers believe they should have full access to their electronic medical records while only a third of physicians (34%) share this belief.

The survey found that 41% of consumers are willing to switch physicians to gain online access to their EMRs, highlighting the growing trend towards patient engagement. The online survey included more than 9,000 people in nine countries ages 18+ to assess consumer perceptions of their medical providers’ electronic capabilities across nine countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Germany, Singapore, Spain and the United States. The survey, which included 1,000 U.S. consumers, was fielded by Harris Interactive in July 2013.

To highlight the findings, Accenture has released an infographic that illustrates the key findings of the Accenture Consumer Survey on Patient Engagement and explores whether doctors are delivering on the growing patient demand for access to EMRs and other electronic capabilities.

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