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Part II: Reactions to Supreme Court's Affordable Care Act Decision

Posted by Matthew Smith on Jun 28, 2012 12:52:00 PM

Affordable Care ActAmerican Heart Association:

Because of this ruling, the Affordable Care Act can be fully implemented to help reach the American Heart Association’s 2020 goal to improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans and, more immediately, prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes over the next five years through the Million Hearts initiative. Under the law’s robust provisions, we are expanding access to preventive care and medicines to reduce an individual’s risk factors; placing a stronger emphasis on community prevention and wellness; and providing access to the care patients need to recover after a heart attack or stroke so they can lead longer, more productive lives.

For the 122 million Americans with pre-existing conditions, including the 7.3 million with some form of heart disease or stroke who are uninsured, this decision will likely be met with a great sigh of relief.  No longer will they be denied coverage or charged higher premiums because of their health status.  Beginning in 2014, these Americans will finally be able to attain the lifesaving care they desperately need at a price they can afford.

Medical Association of Georgia:

The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) is disappointed with today’s U.S. Supreme
Court ruling to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), according to MAG President Sandra B. Reed, M.D. She also stresses that the decision is irrelevant as a practical matter unless the systems that the government and other third party payers use to pay physicians are reformed in a full and comprehensive way.

American Public Health Association:

The American Public Health Association heralds the U.S. Supreme Court ruling announced today upholding the Affordable Care Act, a landmark law enacted in 2010 to dramatically improve the health of all Americans and control health care costs.
Today’s historic ruling by the nation’s highest court marks a significant milestone in our national efforts to improve the delivery and financing of health services in the U.S. and to promote health and wellness rather than disease treatment. The Supreme Court’s decision allows for long-overdue changes made possible by the law to move forward without question or further delay. The law will bring relief to millions of Americans

American Cancer Society:

The ruling is a victory for people with cancer and their families nationwide, who for decades have been denied health coverage, charged far more than they can afford for lifesaving care and forced to spend their life savings on necessary treatment, simply because they have a pre-existing condition.

Massachusetts Medical Society:

Physicians in Massachusetts have been strong supporters of our state health reform movement from the beginning. Universal coverage has been better for our patients, and it’s been better for the practice of medicine. When people have insurance, they are more likely to get the care they need, when they need it. They are also more likely to discuss preventive care measures with their doctor … and that may lead to longer and healthier lives.

And when the public’s health is good, society is more productive, the economy is vibrant, and the social fabric of the community is as strong as it can be. That’s why is we are so pleased that the ACA was upheld. Universal coverage is a state-federal partnership – no state can do this on its own.

New York-Presbyterian Hospital

The constitutional question is over. Now, hospitals and medical leaders must continue to address the issues of access, affordability and quality. A lot has been done, but we have more to accomplish. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital has taken many steps to improve medical care for our patients, drive innovation and hold down costs. We are not alone. 

Many hospitals, organizations and medical leaders have been taking similar steps with great results to improve medicine. The medical community is prepared to embrace change using best practices and rigorous scientific research. Everything we do must be focused on improving medical care for our patients.

Minnesota Hospital Association:

The biggest reaction right now is a sense of relief that now we know this piece of the puzzle is in place. But I think everybody understands it's a work in progress, that we have an election coming up...

Our members aren't saying they're going to do anything different tomorrow than they would have done if a different decision had been reached."

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