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Infographic: Physician Compensation Stats Visualized

Posted by Matthew Smith on May 2, 2014 10:34:00 AM

Infographic, Physician CompensationLast week we published a blog post detailing the results from Medscape's latest physician compensation report. We reported that Orthopedists, including orthopedic surgeons, averaged $413,000 in total compensation last year, the most of any specialty. Cardiologists were second with $351,000. Family physicians and infectious disease physicians held the lowest two spots, earning $176,000 and $174,000, respectively.

Other pertinent takeaways include:

  • Solo-practice physicians were making, on average, $222,000 in 2013, a 5% increase from the $211,000 they were bringing home in 2012.
  • Providers working in a single-specialty practice made $273,000 in 2013 compared to $265,000 in 2012 — a 3% increase.
  • Multispecialty practice physicians saw no change in income, earning $260,000 for both 2013 and 2012. 

Physician Compensation, Infographic

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