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Infographic: The 52,000 Physician Shortfall

Posted by Matthew Smith on Jan 20, 2014 4:31:00 PM

Doctor, Affordable Care Act, Accountable CareA recent report from the American Academy of Family Physicians estimates 52,000 new physicians will be necessary by 2025 to keep up with growing healthcare demands.

The figure of 52,000 represents a 3% increase to our current pool of primary physicians. Let’s see how that’s broken up:

Researchers predict there will be about 100 million more doctor’s office visits in 2025 (growing from 2008′s ballpark of 462 million). The 3% increase is the estimated percentage needed to cover these extra visits.

Out of the 52,000 new doctors needed, 33,000 are necessary to account for population growth, 10,000 for the aging population, and around 8,000 to cover increased health insurance access.

Population growth, aging populations and increased access to healthcare are among the reasons for the increased need for more physicians, according to a new infographic from Soliant Health. This infographic also details the particular shortage in primary care, potential solutions to the increased demand and more.

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