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Infographic: Population Health Management by the Numbers

Posted by Matthew Smith on Mar 26, 2013 12:03:00 PM

Population Health, Clinical IntegrationSuccessful PHM starts with data management and analytics. The infographic highlights the following 6 key analytics for successful population health management:

  1. Clinical Data
  2. Utilization Data
  3. Adherence Data
  4. Operational Data
  5. Financial Data
  6. Satisfaction Data

Other key data points presented in this infographic  shown below are:

  • Top areas for data analysis, including clinical, utilization and adherence data
  • Use of PHM delivery models: telephone, Internet, portal, print or smartphone app;
  • PHM payoffs, such as increases in medication adherence and decreases in hospital readmissions;
  • Ideas for successful PHM, including face-to-face management with immediate referral from health center providers.

Infographic via Healthcare Intelligence Network

Clinical Integration, CI, Physician Alignment

Topics: Clinical Integration, Population Health, Clinically Integrated Care, Satisfaction Data

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