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New Mobile App for Healthcare Providers Tracks Workflows and EMR Efficiency

Posted by Matthew Smith on Aug 27, 2015 1:37:18 PM

In response to the need for healthcare providers to improve performance and efficiency as a result of healthcare reform, The Camden Group introduces AccuTracker, a new mobile software that helps track cycle times and electronic medical records (EMR) use. Using AccuTracker, organizations are better able to apply Lean and Six Sigma principles to identify and reduce inefficiencies in their workflows and optimize performance.

Developed by the performance improvement experts at The Camden Group, AccuTracker is an easy-to-use mobile app that allows users to capture cycle times for clinical processes (e.g., medical practices, urgent care centers, operating rooms, emergency departments) as well as non-clinical processes, such as revenue cycle management, all from the convenience of a phone or tablet. This data is hosted on secure servers and exportable in editable CSV files. Whether the organization is a small clinic or a multi-hospital health system, the app enables the organization to quickly identify breakdowns, bottlenecks, and waste in day-to-day workflows.

Over time, as more data is collected and aggregated, AccuTracker will also allow users to benchmark and compare performance against other organizations to help identify areas for improvement. In addition, there is a built-in module which helps assess the efficiency of the EMR through the tracking of mouse clicks, screen views, and the amount of typing in the EMR. This module also documents how long providers spend on each component of the patient visit.

"In this new value-based healthcare environment, efficiency is critical to achieving success," says Steven T. Valentine, president of The Camden Group. "With AccuTracker, healthcare providers can increase patient and physician satisfaction by improving workflow and performance -- avoiding unnecessary wait times and redundancies."

Most recently, The Camden Group assisted in a major workflow assessment initiative for a large independent primary care medical group with approximately 500 physicians in 200 primary care and 9 urgent care sites through the country. By using AccuTracker to perform time and efficiency studies in 50 locations, a potential time savings of an average of one hour per day per physician was identified.

For more information on AccuTracker, visit www.thecamdengroup.com/accutracker.

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