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On to the Next Initiative: Transforming Clinical Practices

Posted by Matthew Smith on Dec 1, 2014 11:30:00 AM

tcpi, clinical practice initiativeJust as was seen in the MSSP Year 1 results, there is continued need for cooperation among various silos of healthcare and continued transformational efforts. The Pioneer, MSSP ACO, other Medicare/Medicaid initiatives and the multitude of various other independent initiatives continue to provide learning opportunities in relation to the core competencies needed for population health management. However, all of these initiatives have room for variability of the breadth/reach of involvement. 

The Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative (TCPI) announced by CMS several weeks ago appears to be designed as the next step in the evolution to total population health management. Just as the initiative states it “is designed to help clinicians achieve large-scale health transformation.” From all appearances, successful applicants will have already learned the basics of population health management, be engaged in their own organization, and be ready to mentor and engage others as well. On the surface this initiative seems to incentivize those successful organizations to begin branching out and becoming more inclusive; not only of other physicians, but of other support organizations available in healthcare delivery. It does seem quite clear that this initiative is placing a focus on learning to work together and leveraging our strengths for overall success.

You may download a PDF presentation which summarizes the overall TCPI initiative and provides key details for the two separate funding opportunities: Practice Transformation Network (PTN) and Support and Alignment Network (SAN).

Specific content sections includes:

  • 5 Phases of Transformation
  • A 3-Pronged Approach
  • Practice Transformation Networks (PTNs)
  • Key Expectations of a PTN
  • PTN Application Structure & Content
  • Support & Alignment Networks (SANs) Timeline
  • Key Expectations of a SAN
  • Reporting Details: PTNs & SANs

To access this PDF download, please click the button below:

Download, TCPI, Clinical Practice Initiative

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